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Grolier: letter to parents

Dear Parents and/or Guardians of 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students,

Stevens Library Media Center subscribes to a group of online encyclopedias from Grolier Online.  The specific encyclopedias are:

* The New Book of Knowledge, a general encyclopedia

* Amazing Animals, an encyclopedia dedicated to animals 

* America the Beautiful, an encyclopedia about our 50 states

Students are taught to find information in these databases for classroom assignments and projects.  Grolier gives the students safe and efficient access to not only encyclopedia articles but a dictionary, a thesaurus, an atlas, magazines, journals, and the World Wide Web.  Some of the main advantages of using Grolier Online are:

* Information is safe, accurate, age-appropriate, and from authoritative sources.

* You can access the databases from school or home.

* It is faster and more thorough than using an internet search engine or print encyclopedia.

To access the Grolier Online from home, go to www.go.grolier.com and enter the following security information:

* Username = mhstevens

* Password = home

Please take advantage of this great resource for homework and general searching. If you have any questions, please call me at 860-258-7751. 


Elaine Malespini

Library Media Specialist