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Student Survey

Digital Citizenship
Digital Passport

Treasures Technology Lessons - Kindergarten
Computer Basics

Use the Mouse and Keyboard

Keyboard Zoo

Treasures Technology Lessons - 1st Grade
Use the Mouse

Home Keys Practice

Key Text

Watch Video

The Paintbrush Tool

PowerPoint - Make a Title Slide

Treasures Technology Lessons - 2nd Grade
Explore the Window

The Mouse and Keyboard


Edit Sentences

Understand Spreadsheets

Make a Slide Show

Treasures Technology Lessons - 3rd Grade
Web Basics Review

Review Spreadsheets

Edit Paragraph

Graphics Review

Insert Clip Art

Simple Searches

Treasures Technology Lessons - 4th Grade
Access Web Pages

Review Word Processing Skills

Create Spreadsheets and Graphics

Find Data

Graphics Review

Insert Clip Art and Text

Treasures Technology Lessons - 5th Grade
Internet Search Techniques

Word Processing Review

E-mail Attachments

Review Spreadsheets

Reviewing Drawing and Graphics

Review of Presentations Basics

Student Training Test

Notetaking and Plagiarism
Plagiarism Game

Practice summarizing paragraphs

Cool Books
Holes by Louis Sachar

The Three Questions by Jon J. Muth

Mr. George Baker by Amy Hest